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The responsibilities of the Adoptions Counselor are as follows:

  •  To complete a phone interview with prospective applicants in which you will ask questions from a question sheet  
  • To take  interview notes and upload them to the “Interview Notes” section of the applicant’s file in Airtable
  • To request and review home and yard photos of potential adoption/foster candidates
  • To request vet records be released by applicant’s veterinarian and call their veterinarian for a vet check 
  • If they have no vet, then you must conduct a reference check after interviews are completed 
  • To assess the suitability of potential adoption/foster candidates based on info gathered
  • To make recommendations for approval/denial of potential adoption/foster candidates
  • To make match recommendations between applicants and available animals
  • To initiate Facebook Messenger group chats upon an application approval 
  • To send the welcome message to the approved applicant in the new group chat 
  • To inform all relevant parties that an application and/or match has been approved
  • To maintain the applicant’s Airtable file and ensure it is updated frequently 
  • To answer applicant questions in the group chat throughout their entire  process
  • To keep the Adoptions/Foster Team informed of progress during an interview cycle 
  • To ensure all Adoptions/Foster Team policies and procedures are adhered to 
  • To complete regularly scheduled post-adoption check-ins via group chats
  • To actively check and engage in the Adoption Team Facebook Messenger chat 
  • If you have approved a foster you must send them the relevant foster information, including the foster agreement, and ensure the returned copy is updated in their AT file
  • To report any concerns or questions to the Adoptions Manager and/or Coordinator
  • To represent HelpAWS in a professional, courteous and respectful manner

The expectations of the Adoption/Foster Counselor are as follows:

  • Commit a minimum five to ten (5-10) hours per week with the expectation of working between 15-20 hours weekly during a busy adoption/foster cycle
  • Check the Adoption Team Facebook Messenger group chat consistently throughout the day, ensuring that notifications are turned on for messages
  • Read every message that comes through any of your active foster or adoption chats 
  • Schedule assigned interviews within 24 hours of receipt and complete interview within 72 hours of receipt 
  • Update the appropriate Airtable immediately after each applicant correspondence
  • Conduct all applicant correspondence via the HelpAWS email or via phone call

The responsibilities of the Head Foster Coordinator are as follows:

  • To work closely with the adoptions team, in particular with the Head Adoption Coordinator, to see if they need any new fosters for our dogs
  • If a foster is needed, you will be responsible for finding a foster that matches the dogs needs
  • If we have no foster, you will need to work closely with the Head Adoption Coordinator to ensure interviews have been set
  • To post in the Foster Family Group or Adoptive Group or on other Facebook groups as needed to try and get fosters
  • To create and ensure Airtable is updated with foster’s information as well as the dog they are fostering 
    • This includes uploading contracts 
    • Including any vet appointments or foster meet & greets
  • To ensure interviews have been set up or desirable foster candidates have at least been contacted within 24-48 hours of us receiving their application
  • To send a request in the new group chat for the applicant to join the “HelpAWS Foster Family” Facebook group
  • To follow up to ensure they have requested to be in the Foster Group and that HelpAWS is following them on Instagram as well
  • To send relevant foster information including  the foster agreement upon approval
  • Ensure Airtable is updated with the applicant’s information, agreement, time/date for pick up, etc. 
  • Coordinate vet appointments with fosters if there are any dogs in foster care which require vaccines or medical care.
  • To reach out to Vet offices within the foster’s location  to see if there are any Rescue Discounts that can be given when pups are taken to get vaccinated or receive medical care, after which information must be passed on to the team and foster.
  • To organize meet and greets with foster dogs along with potential adopters 
  • Liaise with Events Coordinator and reach out to other members of the foster group to accompany their dogs to any HelpAWS events which have been organized.


The expectations of the Head Foster Coordinator are as follows:

  • Check the email at least once a day and respond to any new emails
  • A commitment of approximately seven (7-10) hours per week is required, however; the time commitment could be more or less depending on the amount of animals in foster
  • Volunteer Team and Adoption Team group chats must be checked at least twice daily to ensure you are kept up to date — we highly encourage and appreciate your input and advice!  
  • Send out approval emails to approved foster applicants using the email
  • Send foster agreements to approved fosters and, once returned, ensure they are uploaded in Airtable 
  • Liaise with our  Lead Adoption Coordinators  about sending out any flight messages once flight details have been scheduled (if applicable) 
  • Update the applicant Airtable with any notes including conversations from emails
  • All information shared in chats is private and confidential, and a waiver and non-disclosure agreement must be signed and kept on file throughout your volunteer commitment

The responsibilities of the Website Coordinator are as follows:

  • To keep the website up to date by adding bios and photos of adoptables to the “Available Pets” page/removing adoptables as they become adopted 
  • Add adoptable profiles to Petfinder and Adopt a Pet as needed
  • Check Airtable adoptables tab and Website chat daily to verify any animals that need to be uploaded to the various sites
  • Update Airtable when the animal has been posted on the appropriate forum
  • To proof bios for errors, ensure photos are accurate and confirm all links are working
  • To contribute to other web page edits as needed
  • To assist with other website functions like uploading swag, adding events, etc. 
  • To make suggestions to improve the website design, content and layout
  • To write content as needed for various website pages 
  • To work cohesively with the Social Media Team to ensure consistency 
  • To represent HelpAWS in a respectful, knowledgeable and professional manner
  • Other duties as assigned 

The expectations of the Website Coordinator are as follows:

  • Understand or be willing to learn basic website coding via WordPress
  • Make requested web edits within 8-12 hours of submission
  • Able to dedicate 5-7hrs /week 

The responsibilities of the Flight Booking Coordinator are as follows:

  • Pay attention to flight chats and airtable to see if there are any pups needing to be booked onto potential flight parent reservations 
  • Inform group as too whether flight was successfully booked, as well as update it in AT 
  • Retrieve all pertinent flight information from potential flight parents including FULL NAME, ADDRESS, FLIGHT RETURN DATE, TELEPHONE NUMBER. FLIGHT CONFIRMATION CODE, DATE OF BIRTH
  • All information retrieved from potential flight parent is to immediately be entered into Airtable
  • If there are several individuals traveling, reach out to see if anyone else is willing to be flight parents to escort animals back and if so immediately book reservation
  • Once you have confirmed a flight parent, ensure you set up a chat to discuss the whole process in depth and then ensure to update Airtable
  • In the event any flights are CANCELED ensure to follow up with airline to make sure a refund was issued and immediately let Managing Director or Administrative assistant know to compare to credit card information
  • If flight has been rebooked be sure to follow up with flight parent to make sure pet booking was also rebooked as well. If not they need to be rebooked immediately


The expectations of the Flight Booking Coordinator are as follows:

  • Make requested bookings within 12-24 hours of submission, depending on flight date. Last minute flight bookings may need to be done ASAP
  • Be able to dedicate 5-7 hrs /week 

The responsibilities of the Bio Writer are as follows:

  • Check Airtable and Bio/Social chat on FB daily to see if any bios need to be written
  • Using Airtable and social media posts/stories write engaging bios that help to showcase the animal’s personalities and appeal to potential adopters
  • To be able to complete bios with all pertinent information about the animals behavior, personalities, medical needs if there are any, age, estimated adult weight, gender
  • Able to work with minimal direction and have good creative writing skills
  • Ask in FB chat for any further information on the animal if needed to write the bio
  • Communicate via chat to let the team know the bios are ready
  • Change the status in Airtable to bio ready to post so website team knows to post on various sites
  • To make sure the animal’s bio is grammatically correct and free from all errors, whether it be punctuation or spelling.
  • To be able to write up an animal bio as soon as possible after requested
  • Must be organized in the way writing is set up
  • Must be creative and able to write in a way that grabs the reader’s attention
  • Pay attention to the animal’s photo so that physical appearance can be described as well

The expectations of the Bio Writer are as follows:

  • Write requested bio’s within 24-48 hours of submission, depending on adoption timeframe. 
  • Must be able to dedicate 5-10 hrs /week 

The responsibilities of the Event Coordinator are as follows:

  • To plan, and organize upcoming events, including in store events, fundraising events, etc. 
  • To build relationships with vendors, pet stores, and other event venues to host events
  • To coordinate volunteers to come to events
  • To promote HelpAWS  to the general public
  • To complete and submit event attendance applications 
  • To ensure payments for any event costs are completed on time and documented 
  • To source discounts, if applicable,  prior to booking events at a location
  • To develop ideas for events annually and register for new events
  • To work congruently with the Fundraising & Marketing and the Swag Coordinator
  • To keep track of swag, props, and event material
  • Ensure swag, props, and event material is stored in a safe place and make sure to organize it to get to the next event
  • To create Facebook events, and other promotional material used  to inform followers of upcoming events
  • To share event flyers for upcoming events on social media and other platforms
  • To manage Event Volunteers to ensure they are representing HelpAWS appropriately
  • To interview, hire and manage Event Volunteers as required
  • To schedule event volunteers accordingly, and ensure each volunteer receives a schedule and expectations for event
  • To ensure each event volunteer is trained and knowledgeable about HelpAWS
  • To organize any materials needed for events
  • To provide or find appropriate storage & house event materials throughout the year (table, trolley, etc.)
  • To setup and breakdown at each event or to assign Event Volunteers to perform
  • To ensure donations are tracked 

 The expectations of the Lead Event Coordinator are as follows:

  • Plan a minimum of 3 (three) large-scale events per year
  • Plan meet and greets at Ren’s Pet for dogs in foster as needed
  • Ensure fosters can make events by working closely with the Lead Foster Coordinator
  • Check the HelpAWS Events & Fundraising group chat at least once a day 
  • Swag sold at events MUST be tracked and reported to 
    • Money must be deposited via e-transfer immediately after the event to
  • General donations received at events MUST be tracked and money must be deposited via e-transfer immediately after the event to  

As a non-profit organization that relies solely on donations and adoption fees, growing our following is of utmost importance. Gaining a larger audience and group of supporters is the best possible way to find our animals homes, and receive funding to keep our shelter running. This is why HelpAWS enlists in various local events throughout the year! Each event gives us the opportunity to get our name out there, meet prospective adopters local to the Toronto area, raise funds by selling swag or holding raffles, and ultimately leave a lasting positive impression on each guest at the event. Each volunteer represents HelpAWS as a whole, which is why it is so important to have reliable, well informed, and personable team members to showcase our rescue!

The responsibilities of the Events Volunteer are as follows:

  • To report to the Lead Events Coordinator
  • To set up and break down before and after an event
  • To retrieve and bring any materials required for the event from the Lead coordinator, such as posters, flyers, information on adoptables, etc.
  • To retrieve swag from Lead Events Coordinator and ensure remaining stock is returned and accounted for 
  • To be knowledgeable about the organization and discuss ways individuals can help support our cause
  • To always represent HelpAWS in an effective and positive manner
  • Provide accurate and informative details about HelpAWS to event guests
    • If you do not know the answer to a question, ask someone or let them know they can always email us at 
  • Create stories or videos on Instagram and Facebook during events and send them to the Events Coordinator to post on social media
  • To take photos at events to share on our social media (with approval) 
  • To communicate event turnout and sales/donation amounts with management team  
  • To ensure event volunteers arrive on time, and are well informed on the event plans

 The expectations of the Events Volunteer are as follows:

  • To attend at least 2-3 of scheduled events annually
  • To respond to all communications from Lead Events Coordinator in a timely manner
  • To be reliable!

HelpAWS is funded solely by donations and adoption fees. The adoption fee does not cover the full cost of us housing, feeding, vetting, and transporting each dog, so it is necessary to find other sources of income to run the rescue. Throughout the year, it is important to run a wide variety of fundraisers, including raffles, contests, holiday events, stray sponsoring, etc. The goal is not only to receive monetary donations, but also to seek out opportunities for items or services that can be used in future fundraisers. This can be a very challenging role and requires you to be a creative thinker, extremely organized and persistent, and well-informed of our rescue goals and missions.

 The responsibilities of the Lead Fundraising Coordinator are as follows:

  • To plan and coordinate fundraising ideas for HelpAWS
  • To organize and implement fundraisers for each major holiday 
  • Reach out to companies and businesses who may be able to donate money/goods
  • Develop proposals that can be sent to high net worth individuals, foundations, and corporations to solicit donations.  
  • Build current donor relationships and forge new ones 
  • Research, evaluate, and recommend new fundraising opportunities in alignment with the organization’s values
  • To complete and submit attendance applications for fundraising events 
  • To research and contact organizations about donating merchandise for raffle events
  • To communicate with individuals/companies offering to raise money on our behalf
  • To represent HelpAWS in a positive, respectful & appreciative manner to all donors
  • To ensure each fundraising partnership is shared on our social media accounts
  • To keep the donations Airtable up to date, working with Events Coordinator
  • To follow up with winners of the prizes and organize delivery/mailing
  • To ensure donors (individuals & companies) receive credit during fundraisers
  • To prepare any materials required for fundraisers (posters, printouts, mailing, etc.)
  • To provide management team with any material costs and budgets
  • To manage fundraising volunteers to ensure they are representing HelpAWS in an effective and positive manner at all times
  • To work alongside the Events Coordinator and the Grant Research Coordinator

 The expectations of the Fundraising Coordinator are as follows:

  • Respond to third party offers to hold fundraisers in a timely manner
  • Communicate all fundraising ideas, offers, and prize donations with management
  • Prepare holiday-specific fundraisers prepared at least three (3) weeks prior

As an international nonprofit, social media is an incredibly valuable resource in recruiting volunteers and adopters, soliciting donations, and spreading the word about the HelpAWS cause. Rather than relying on followers and supporters to come to us, it is imperative to seek out and identify additional opportunities for exposure. This special project aims to recruit followers by focusing on targeted engagement efforts on a regular basis. The person in this role must be organized, creative, and persistent with a solid knowledge of various social media platforms and excellent writing skills. 

The responsibilities of the Targeted Outreach Volunteer are as follows:

  • Curate a list of relevant social media accounts to follow and interact with 
  • Update list regularly, adding new accounts as they are discovered 
  • Identify the best way to contact each account (DM, comment, story reaction, etc.) 
  • Solicit various dog-related accounts to share HelpAWS posts or related content
  • Try different contact methods over time to see which are most effective
  • Identify and track a list of relevant hashtags to follow/interact with, encouraging accounts to check out and follow the HelpAWS page
  • Comment and interact on posts with Saint Lucia location tags 
  • Interact with products/brands with partnership and/or donation opportunities 
  • Track via airtable all organizations contacted and take detailed notes
  • Nominate HelpAWS for product or service giveaways when applicable 
  • Reach out to tourist visiting the island to see if they are interested in being flight parents
  • Send weekly updates/reports to management team regarding progress/feedback
  • Determine which messages are sent from personal account vs. HelpAWS account
  • Respectfully represent HelpAWS and bring questions or concerns to management
  • Commit a minimum of 5-10 hours per week to this project 
  • Report all verified account interactions to management IMMEDIATELY upon receipt


Examples of Accounts

  • Dog & Rescue Accounts (The Dodo, We Rate Dogs, Dogs of Instagram, etc.)  
  • Celebrities with Rescues/Animal Lovers (Dan Levy, Wells Adams, etc.) 
  • Travel Influencers/Bloggers
    • Anyone traveling to Saint Lucia 
    • Anyone that does rescue work and travels 
  • Saint Lucia Hashtags (#saintlucia, #stlucia, #jademountain, #ansechastanet, #travelsaintlucia, #letherinspireyou)   
  • Saint Lucia Locations (Soufriere, Saint Lucia, Jade Mountain, Anse Chastanet, Sugar Beach, et

The responsibilities of the Advertising & Marketing Coordinator are as follows:

  • To approach organizations about donating merchandise for raffle events
  • Implement marketing and advertising campaigns geared towards promoting the organization and its activities 
  • Create campaigns to attract new adopters
  • To collect data and analyze market trends to improve advertising campaigns 
  • Coordinate with social media team to ensure consistency across all platforms
  • To keep the Executive Director and Operations Manager updated on advertising campaigns and their success
  • To implement and maintain written and verbal media programs to market HelpAWS and spread awareness
  • To research social media strategy and make suggestions to management team 
  • To promote paid advertisements as necessary 
  • To assist with creating and sending bi-monthly newsletters to our contact list
  • To design graphics for social media, print and web-based promotions 
  • To pursue media opportunities to Canadian, American and Saint Lucian outlets
  • To help design and order posters, printed materials, banners, etc.
  • To work hand in hand with the Events Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator 

The expectations of the Advertising & Marketing Coordinator are as follows:

  • Organize a minimum of  two (2) raffles a year
  • Organize a minimum of two (2) other fundraising events throughout the year
  • The HelpAWS Fundraising and Events group chat must be checked at least once a day to ensure you are kept up to date on everything going on

The responsibilities of the Grant Research Coordinator are as follows:

  • To research grants applicable to HelpAWS (non-profit, rescue related)
  • Keep Airtable spreadsheet up to date to track grant opportunities, due dates, status, result of request, etc. 
  • Writing high-quality grant proposal narratives, applications, and supporting documents specific to each grant
  • Collaborate with Managing director and other HelpAWS staff/volunteers to compile financial records and data
  • Strong interpersonal and persuasion skills 
  • Anticipate questions or queries which may arise when a grant has been submitted and be ready and knowledgeable about the organization to respond 
  • To write and apply for federal, state/provincial and private grants 
  • To work hand in hand with the Lead Fundraising Coordinator and the Advertising & Marketing Coordinator
  • To compile necessary documentation and data that is required for each submission 
  • Assist with proposal and budget development
  • Coordinate calls for proposals, grantee submissions and grant review process with Managing Director and other HelpAWS Staff/volunteers
  • Draft grant proposal outlines

The expectations of the Grant Research Coordinator  are as follows:

  • Complete grants in a timely manner to ensure a steady flow of funds
  • To follow up on all submitted proposals in a timely manner and report to Managing Director and other HelpAWS Staff/Volunteer 
  • To submit at least 2-5 grants per year

The responsibilities of the Social Media Post writer are as follows:

  • Check Bio/Social chat on FB daily to see if any social posts need to be written
  • Use the details provided by the team to write creative posts that follow Helpaws theme and engage our audience
  • Proof read and edit 
  • Keep posts to 2100 characters
  • Check Bio/Social chat 2x day to get information to write posts
  • Send completed post in chat
  • Posts are written daily so will require 1-2hrs /day