Are you visiting the Island of St Lucia!? Have you been looking for more ways to get involved?
Flight Parent:

We are always in need of flight parents; people who are visiting the island of St. Lucia and flying back to North America, who are willing to allow a puppy or kitten to accompany them on their return flight to be delivered to their forever families waiting in the US or Canada 

If you are flying to a major city in the U.S or to Toronto, Canada you can help save a life by being a flight parent!  A flight parent escorts one of our beautiful babies to their forever homes! Being a flight parent is an incredibly rewarding experience and because of people like you, our animals can leave their past behind and complete their journey to their forever homes.


  1. Let us know you’re interested by messaging us on Instagram/Facebook, or sending us an email to with your flight details including: 
  • A list of full names for all travelers on file for your booking (even if they aren’t all taking a pet)
  • Your email on file
  • Your phone number on file
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Flight confirmation number


This will allow us to contact the airline to reserve the kennel spaces. We also use this information to finalize the animal’s export documents. 

  1. Once everything is booked, we will create a chat that includes HelpAWS representative,  you, and the animal’s foster or adopter, so the handoff can be coordinated.  On the day of your departure from St. Lucia, a HelpAWS representative will meet you at the Saint Lucia airport with the pups and all the necessary paperwork. They will set up the kennels for travel, explain the paperwork, and answer any final questions you ma
  2. Upon arrival in the destination city,  you will declare on your customs form that you have brought a live animal and go through secondary inspection! 
  3. Once finished with the inspection and paperwork, our adopters or foster will meet you at an arranged location in the airport where they will take the crates/carriers, pup (or cat), and the  paperwork. You are the first person to see the happy ever after for some very deserving animals. Witnessing the instant love and warm welcome into their families can be unbelievably heartwarming!