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Love this rescue! Charlene Penney works tirelessly to save these little munchkins and nurses them to good health and onto happy homes. She goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend adopting through HelpAWS!
Dr. Fleming
Guelph Animal Hospital, Ontario
It is hard to put into words how amazing I think this organization is. I had stumbled upon them early in the year when my boyfriend and I were looking to adopt a dog/puppy. I filled out one form that explained what we were looking for in a dog/pup and what our lifestyle was like. At the time, there weren’t any dogs or puppies available, but Helpaws kept in touch with us. Fast forward to today, we have a wonderful dog named Marley. Through the adoption process, this organization kept us informed about everything. With COVID and strict travel requirements, this organization literally worked tirelessly to get these pups to Canada safely. Helpaws genuinely cares about each and every animal that comes into their care. I am so grateful to know there is an organization out there that is so passionate about the wellbeing of all animals. To all of the Helpaws team, thank you for what you do each and every day. You are an inspiration to us all and you are truly making a difference in so many lives.
Steph Anton
We had such an amazing experience working with HelpAWS to adopt our boy, Pesto. From the moment we applied it was a quick and streamlined experience through our phone interview, referrals, and digital home visit. It was amazing how HelpAWS had adapted during COVID and was still operating in an efficient and professional way. HelpAWS works tirelessly to rescue and look after the puppies in St. Lucia, and went way above and beyond in arranging a special flight to bring them home to Canada in June. Now that we have Pesto, there’s an amazing network of potcake families and we are so lucky to be part of the HelpAWS family.
Phil Birnbaum
We are so grateful to Helpaws for matching us with our beautiful girl Wave. Every step of the process was professional yet personal - from the interviews, to the big announcement we'd been selected, to all the communications back and forth to keep us updated as the pandemic continued to reign chaos on getting our baby home. Wave has the most gentle heart and is so loving and we know it is because of how much love she was given in her first few months with Helpaws. There is also something so very special how much you love each and every animal and follow along with their journey in their new forever homes. While our family is large, you helped us complete it - thank you thank you thank you!
Lorie Tutt
Helpaws is such an amazing organization! I highly recommending them if you are looking to adopt a Potcake. They are very thorough and well organized. The adoption process went smoothly and they made sure that we were well informed during the whole process. The support system is great and it’s easy to connect with other people who have adopted through Helpaws. Thank you so much for bringing Jasper into our lives! We love him so much and he is an amazing dog.
Emma Eriksson
I am so very thankful to Helpaws! I recently adopted Cricket and she has truly changed my life. This organization was so on top of everything and made the process as smooth as possible (especially during these difficult times of COVID). They were so prompt in answering emails/messages, they were so patient and kind answering all questions I had and have even followed up multiple times to check in on us after the entire process was completed. I couldn't be happier with my decision to adopt through this organization and thank them for all of their hard and amazing work they are doing.
Juliane Kiesners
If you follow HelpAWS social media, you can tell they are passionate about rescuing animals. The interview process was very thorough. It wasn’t just about making sure the animal got adopted, but that the adopter is doing this for the right reasons and that their intentions are in the right place. In our specific situation, we did not have a dog in mind when we applied to adopt a dog. Based on the information we provided about our lifestyle, and what we were looking for, HelpAWS made a recommendation for a dog to adopt that they felt was a good fit, and did they ever hit a home run with recommending Ruby. With the world being in the early stages of the Global Pandemic, and flights halted, we knew that we could possibly be waiting for a longer period of time for Ruby to arrive in Canada. The HelpAWS team, while dealing with figuring out how to get the animals home, taking care of a growing number of animals at the rescue, and everything else on their plate, still managed to provide regular updates with pictures of Ruby to us, and answered any questions we had. Not for a minute did we ever feel like we were left in the dark. One of the nicest surprises about the adoption process was being connected to a network of adopters to ask questions, share experiences and plan play dates. We've found the information and guidance from this group invaluable in preparing to welcome Ruby to our home. At the time of writing, Ruby's been with us for about a month, and we cannot imagine life without her. We know that her first home with HelpAWS was safe and full of love. I would recommend them to anyone looking to rescue a dog. You will be making the difference in these dogs lives and in return you will have the sweetest potcake. Our lives have been forever changed and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you HelpAWS!
Jay P Sebastian
HelpAWS is such an amazing rescue! We had wanted to rescue a dog for a long time and we saw the rescue on social media and they were perfect! They kept us updated while we were waiting for our baby. Even now that we have her they still continue to support us with all of our questions and check in with us! Once you adopt a dog from HelpAWS you really do join a giant family!
Jenny Daines Trimble
We adopted Malta (now Myah) from the M litter in February 2020. Helpaws has been extremely engaged throughout the whole process. They answered my questions with so much patience and provided me with as much details as possible. It was a great experience. Plus the work they do to give as many pups a second chance in life is priceless.
Malta, Now Myah
Della Chung
We adopted Aspen (Sauble) from HelpAWS in August and we couldn't be happier with the experience. Not a lot of adopters get to go to the shelter and see the work these girls do but I had the privilege of going there to spend a vacation and ended up flying home with my own dog. It was a wild experience but I can say that I've seen first hand the amount work of work, care and compassion Charlene, Megan and Erin have for these animals that would have otherwise died if not for them. I would recommend HelpAWS over and over again. Thank you for making the adoption process the best ever.
Aspen (Sauble)
Marie Scholz
We originally learned of Helpaws through friends. After following them on social media for almost a year, along with several other adoption agencies and shelters, we applied to adopt one of their rescues. Since that day, we have continuously been impressed by the compassion and love the Helpaws team has for their rescues and families! They were thorough and patient from the very start, ensuring we were the right family for our puppy, Sully. ❤️ From the initial interview, to sending us updates, pictures and flight info, they made the entire adoption process a breeze. It’s now been eight months since we brought our goofy, adorable Sully home and we couldn’t be more thankful for the staff and volunteers at Helpaws. Sully is just one of the hundreds of dogs they’ve saved, and they continue to give endless love and energy to the puppies and families they bring together. We feel so lucky to be part of the Helpaws family, and recommend them to anyone looking to foster or adopt!
Abbey Jagodkin
It was clear from the start that Helpaws is extremely careful when picking the forever homes for their puppies. They go through everything you need to think about when you apply and provide tons of information about how to care for the pups when you’re accepted. The communication has been great all along the way, and we’ve been able to message the people at Helpaws and other owners within the community at any time. Most importantly, our new pup Jimmy (formerly Clein) is so lovable, so adventurous and so trainable, we’d adopt all of them if we could! I highly recommend Helpaws to anyone thinking of adopting.
Clein, Now Jimmy
Madie Hayhoe
Working with the team at HelpAWS has been amazing from the beginning. Being able to follow along the pups journeys on Instagram, read about who they were and watch them daily was not only fun, but it allowed us to get to know the available pups. After seeing a few videos of Meeko, we were pretty hooked. I talked to the team, told them what we wanted in a dog and they told us Meeko would actually be perfect. We didn’t think we’d get her but we did!! They then were so detailed about the adoption, what to do , what we needed etc. They set up Facebook chats to support us during the transition and they still ask how she’s doing all the time. You can tell they care about the puppies vs. Trying to get rid of them as fast as they can. And of course, most of all, they gave me my insane hilarious little best friend Meeko.
Julie Taylor & Kyle Grondin
My husband and I recently adopted our little potcake Sansa (formerly Gigi) from Helpaws, and we couldn’t ask for a better puppy! She’s so sweet and cuddly, she fit into our family right away! The girls at Helpaws were very helpful and informative throughout the whole adoption process. I would definitely recommend rescuing from Helpaws to anyone!
Gigi, Now Sansa
Holly Robertson
The girls at Helpaws are amazing beyond words. we adopted Utah (now known as Wrenn) almost two months ago and it was the best decision. The process was thorough but quick. We had an amazing support system who gave us every detail of information needed to make pick up easy for us and our pup. Aside from the puppies being absolutely adorable, they're so smart and well mannered and you can tell they have been loved since the moment they were brought in by Helpaws. We can not recommend them enough. We are so thankful for our little furr baby and have been singing Helpaws praises ever since. Thank you guys for all that you do!
Utah, Now Wrenn
Taylor Alexandra
We recently adopted a 4 month old puppy (Bella) from Helpaws and could not be any happier with not only the outcome but with the entire process. Being a family that has never adopted, and at the time had 3 dogs, we were hesitant at first, but the Helpaws Team was so efficient and thorough that our nerves were eased. We never expected to receive such a wonderful, loving puppy and couldn’t imagine our family without her. Even after the process was said and done, Helpaws continues to include its adoptees in updates and groups in order to stay in touch and voice any concerns. We can’t wait to eventually add another to the clan!
Becca Francolini
Helpaws is an absolutely amazing organization! I had been following them for about a year before deciding to adopt and knew from watching their stories that this was the place I wanted to go through. They were quick to respond, kind, thoughtful and most importantly genuine. The staff dedicate everything to find these puppies good homes, and it shows! Wesley is hands down the cutest, sweetest and most well behaved pup. Adopting from Helpaws was the best decision I've made, I'm happy to stand behind them and encourage others to adopt!
Dana Bailey
We adopted our pup Sailor with Helpaws in April 2019. Right from the beginning we could tell that this was an organization that truly has the best interests of the dogs at heart. We began the adoption process by filling out the online application and were contacted shortly after we submitted our application. During the interview, we were asked important questions about our home, lifestyle, previous experience with dogs, readiness to adopt a dog, etc. Helpaws explained the adoption process very clearly in the initial interview as well as in the correspondence following the initial interview. We were very impressed that HelpAWS took each of our questions seriously, even setting up different chat groups with other Helpaws puppy parents. We are so happy to have Sailor as an addition to our family and so grateful to Helpaws for making it happen. We highly recommend this organization for anyone looking to adopt a new furry four-legged family member.
Joyce Fragoeiro
We couldn’t be happier with the whole process of getting our pup through Helpaws!!! They take such good care of the dogs, which is so important. They also make sure that these dogs are going to good, suitable homes. We wouldn’t get a dog any other way. Thank you, Helpaws! We are so in love with Gordie (Trixy).
Trixy, Now Gordie
Erin McNamara
Adopting my BFF was so easy. Thursday was the interview, Friday pictures of my home, Saturday they called a reference of mine and Sunday night Lucy (formerly known as Tali - check out her highlight reel in their Instagram!) arrived in Canada! It’s been two months of having her and she is soooo well behaved. Advertised accurately - their description of her to me showed me they truly got to know each animal and made sure she was the right fit for me. The pick up at the air port was seamless and several friends and family members of mine have started looking into adopting as well from them! One just got her puppy 2 weeks ago with a very similar temperament to Lucy. Best experience, great organization.
Tali, Now Lucy
Aly Michelle
We adopted West (now Enzo) in May and we are so happy we did. He has fit in so well to our now growing family. He is one of the most calm and relaxed puppies I have ever meet. He is so excited to meet new people and loves to cuddle mommy and daddy. I honestly don’t know how we could have picked a better team to work with and a better puppy! Honestly dealing with everyone at HelpAWS was such an easy process, they answered all our questions and my numerous emails. I would definitely get another dog from them. (If only my husband would allow). I’m so happy that this group of women are so caring and genuinely trying to help all these puppies. I will never shop and will always adopt a dog in need. You should do so as well! We really lucked out!
West, Now Enzo
Lola Zee
We were looking to adopt a dog and having no luck with a nearby rescue. A friend of mine had adopted from Helpaws and I followed their page.<br /> They post so many photos and videos of the dogs and you can really get to know their personalities better than other rescues that only post one photo. They are so caring and go above and beyond to ensure each puppy is matched with the best family for them.<br /> We adopted Ulya (now Whiskey) and she fits perfectly into our home with our cat, Copper. The application process was easy and we received a phone call for a phone interview within 24hrs. I was so glad to not be left in the dark like we had been with previous rescues. Helpaws organized and prepared everything for us for her arrival and made sure we knew exactly how everything was going to go down.<br /> Whiskey so quickly became a part of our family and so effortlessly that it’s hard to imagine life without her happy smile. Thank you for everything you do and all your hard work. You rescued her and she rescued us.
Ulya, Now Whiskey
Danielle Waluchow & Josh Randall
There really aren’t many words to explain how incredible this organization is and what they do for these animals. We got Rowan just a month ago and he is the sweetest most well behaved angel we could have ever imagined getting. He’s truly been a little light in our lives and gets along so well with our other dog that we already had. He has completed our family. The process of adopting with Helpaws was the most seamless, easy process I have ever experienced. They truly care about the animals and have process in place to ensure the animals are healthy and going to a good and loving home. Again, I would absolutely encourage anyone looking to adopt to adopt through Helpaws and please if you can, donate to them so they can continue this angel work they do.
Jenny DeSousa Lyons
I would recommend this rescue to absolutely anyone! From the adoption process, to the pickup at Air Canada Cargo, to the vetting process once home - this organization has everything down to an art. They made everything so seamless for us. The work they put into the care and well-being of these dogs is above and beyond. Bindi has had no problems adapting to life in Canada and we’re so grateful to the Helpaws team for saving our pup, as well as the ongoing support that they provide after the adoption process. Please consider adopting through this organization or donating to help their ongoing rescue efforts! Thank you Helpaws for everything you do for these dogs!!
Taylor McDonald
We took a great big leap of faith when we found the Helpaws website. We knew we wanted a young dog, and wanted to adopt. We are so happy that we took the chance. The people at Helpaws made every step of the process easy and fun! We have felt well supported by the Helpaws team, and now we have our beautiful young Vianna.
Dawn Brooks
We were very fortunate to find Helpaws & our new baby Rain. The thing that most impressed me with Helpaws was the attention to detail from the beginning screening stage right through the post adoption stage. They really care about these pups. I love the group connections made through Facebook & Instagram. I also loved how they sent detailed instructions on what to expect on arrival day. Having never had a dog before, they were so helpful with Rain’s transition from St. Lucia to Canada guiding me through important details like food & vet care. We have had Rain for just over 2 months now and Helpaws still loves Rain just as much as we do. I’m grateful for all the hard work & dedication they give to these pups in need.
Adele Des
Helpaws is amazing please do yourself a favour and adopt through them!!! They are very thorough and make the adoption process very easy. They love and care deeply for the animals there helping and it shows in all there efforts.<br /> I adopted Kygo through Helpaws in April and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. He’s the sweetest kindest little boy I could have asked for.<br /> Thank you Helpaws for everything.
Tracy Green
We had a very seamless and easy application process. Everyone we talked to was so nice and helpful and continue to stay in contact with us. Our Lexa has been an amazing addition to our family and we cant thank Helpaws enough for doing what they do!
Brian Steele
My husband and I adopted our baby girl Zoey back in March from Helpaws. Everyday since we got her, she has filled our hearts with so much JOY and HAPPINESS. We are so grateful to the Helpaws organization for finding her (& her siblings) and rescuing her (them). Helpaws - Help Animal Welfare in Saint Lucia took her in, loved her, cared for her and helped her find forever home. The adoption process was smooth and well organized. For first time dog owners we had a lot of questions! The ladies were there to help answer them all and provided us with any information we needed.<br /> A few weeks ago, Helpaws organized a mini-reunion for the all the dogs that have been adopted so far this year. We took our girl to see her siblings and friends. The moment she sniffed Charlene (founder) she went CRAZY! Tail wagging quicker than I have ever seen. Lots of hugs and kisses. Not only are John and I grateful to the Helpaws organization, Zoey showed us how thankful she is too.
Gina & John Quy Nguyen
Highly recommend the Helpaws organization for anyone who is looking to adopt. The process was flawless and easy. That being said the team definitely does their due diligence to ensure that their animals are going to fit and supportive homes. Anyone can tell from speaking to, researching, and following this organization on social media that this is a team of extremely caring and hardworking individuals that are dedicated to making a difference. We adopted Stanley (formerly Snow) and appreciated how available the team was in answering questions in order for us to prepare for his arrival. I also think it’s unique and innovative that Helpaws connects those who have adopted in online chats and groups to share any ideas, questions or concerns about their pets. Helpaws will continue to foster a community/team environment well after the adoption has gone through, which just further supports their dedication. Stanley has had no issues and has had no problems fitting into our family!
Snow, Now Stanley
Megan Gora
I adopted Michelob (Monty) about a month ago and the whole process has been so smooth thanks to the Helpaws staff! They have been available every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns I have had. They have also given so many tips and advice to help the training process. I strongly recommend Helpaws to anyone considering adopting a puppy. He is also the smartest pup and learns so so quickly! I'm so so happy I adopted him.
Riana Longo
I adopted my puppy back in February. The staff at Helpaws were wonderful at helping to match a dog for us. It might be hard to chose a dog you dont meet before adopting. I strongly recommend you ask them for their advice on the right fit for your family. The staff are great to consider the fit and their communication is so fast and convenient. These dogs are so sweet and smart. You learn this as after you adopt you get to connect with other Helpaws adopted families who share how their dogs excel with training and post pictures of their sweetness. You will also be connected with others who are picking up their puppies the same time as you which makes it smoother at the airport. It's an awesome organization and community at Helpaws. I strongly recommend Helpaws if your considering getting a puppy.
Tina McIntosh
Adopting from Helpaws was the best decision of my life. The process was easy enough that it was clear what was happening, and caused no headaches, but they ensure the dogs are going to safe, knowledgeable homes.<br /> My favourite thing about Helpaws is everything that’s done before the adoption. These girls work tirelessly to make sure every single pup is healthy, has the right meds and food, down to even making sure they have solid poops everyday! They care so much for these pups, and make sure they are 100% perfect before sending them to their new families.<br /> They also provide a ton of support before, during and after the adoption. They answer any questions you may have, and answer very fast. They felt very trustworthy and honest.<br /> And I loved that I could watch the pups on Instagram and Facebook to see what kinds of personalities they had while trying to choose from all the adorable faces, as well as keeping up with the puppies progress once we picked one.<br /> Our pup is the light of our life. He’s so well behaved, intelligent, quiet, brave and loving. I would recommend Helpaws to anyone looking to adopt! All around an amazing experience.
Megan Lambert
We had an amazing experience with the Helpaws team! They were by our side through the entire adoption process; answering our questions, giving us tips and information, and checking in to see how we were doing our first week. We love our little Potcake, Hershey, more than anything and are so thankful to all the individuals from Helpaws who have shown us so much love. Highly recommend!
Celene Ari
We adopted Kingsley (now Duke) 3 days ago and we are just in love with him. He is so loving and sweet and well behaved. He already knows how to sit and he’s already besties with our other dog. You can tell that the team at Helpaws took such good care of him while he was in their care. He had a rough start and almost didn’t make it but they nursed him back to health and gave him so much love. The adoption process was easy and they kept me up to date along the way. If you’re thinking about adopting from or donating to Helpaws, don’t hesitate!
Kingsley, Now Duke
Jen Monaco
Everyone at Helpaws has been amazing! They made the process of adopting Juno was painless, with detailed instructions on what to expect when picking up our dog, what kind of food they’ve been eating, etc. We are so happy we went with Helpaws and would recommend to anyone looking to adopt!
Janina Mailloux
This was an amazing experience, adopting from helpaws was very easy and organized. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a puppy, everyone is very kind and well educated about dogs and also very quick to respond to any questions we had. Thank you so much, we love our little FELIX!
Cassandra Marie
If you’re looking to adopt a puppy, I cannot recommend Helpaws enough!!!</p> <p>My partner and I had been looking to adopt a puppy or dog for over a year. Since we live in a condo and have a cat, we had to make sure we matched with the right one. We read about a puppy at Helpaws who sounded right for us and applied to adopt him. We got a call within about 1 day to let us know that he was already adopted, but Kate at Helpaws was able to tell us more information about puppies that would do well in our life.</p> <p>We were curious about 3 specific puppies and Kate was awesome at telling us more about their personalities, which ones she thought would get along well with our cat, etc.</p> <p>Everyone at Helpaws is so kind and helpful! My partner and I fell in love with a puppy who would be a good match for us, and within a few days we got all the paperwork sorted out and Helpaws had her booked on a flight to Canada!!!</p> <p>It’s amazing how much Helpaws cares for the puppies and dogs they meet. Our baby girl Koda (formerly Emmie) has been with us for a few weeks now, but Helpaws stays in touch to make sure things are going well and that important vet appointments are met. Plus they connected us with our pup’s litter mates and other Helpaws adopters, so we feel like we’re part of this amazing community!!!
Emmie, Now Koda
Jessica Orchard
I adopted Colt the end of Feb 2019. The process was pretty simple and I was able to hold my babe quickly. (I got him within the week!) It is clear this wonderful team cares for the well being of every dog while in their care and afterward. Thank you for rescuing my special boy so that I now have the pleasure to raise him.
Gina Hill
My boyfriend and I saw Gibson on the Helpaws Instagram after following them for over a year and instantly fell in love. “that is our dog” I said. I applied for Gibson on a Wednesday and heard the good news the day after...we were one of the lucky families to get him on the next flight to Toronto. It was so meant to be. We have had Gibson for about 7 weeks now and it is so amazing watching him grow, in size and personality. These potcakes are so special, they have been through so much and although they eat everything under the sun they find on the ground..... they are the sweetest souls, best cuddle buddies and the best company. I wouldn’t trade Gibson for the world. Thank you Helpaws team for being the most AMAZING human beings. You give everything you have to these sweet animals. Save them, care for them and find them their forever homes after taking even more time interviewing families! Thank you so much.
Adopted By Cassie Kelln
We adopted Thelma from Helpaws in mid July 2019. The whole adoption process, from application, to phone interviews, to selection/matching, to preparing and picking Thelma up from the airport has been very smooth and pleasant. Kate, Megan and Charlene are fantastic communicators and are very responsive to any inquiries I may have. The information online and in their emails are extremely helpful and comprehensive. I especially love Helpaws’ strong presence on social media. I enjoyed watching Thelma and other puppies on IG stories – it allowed me to get to know her personality and made me feel connected to her before she arrived in TO. Thelma came to us perfectly healthy and happy – considering her difficult past and how she was suffering with severe mange and eye infection when she first got rescued by Helpaws, her transformation really showcased the fantastic work Helpaws is doing. I cannot recommend Helpaws enough!!
Adopted By Tanya Chow
We adopted our puppy from Helpaws about a month ago, have been in contact with the sweet ladies that work there ever since, it is such a welcoming community to be part of and they honestly have the best dogs. We love our little four legged angel, and we are so grateful for everything Helpaws does before during and after adoptions.
Adopted By Tori Jacqueline
We has such an amazing experience from first contact to coming home with our sweet little potcake, Rousseau. I found everyone very friendly, professional and caring. I loved being able to follow along with my puppy via Instagram stories until he arrived here in Canada. All of the communication was clear and helpful throughout the whole process. I also love being part of the Helpaws Alumni Facebook group because we have been able to follow his litter mates and ask questions that pop up. What this amazing group does for the welfare of these poor innocent animals is honestly heroic. I also have to add that Potcakes are such sweet dogs!
Adopted By Aynsley Sasaki
We started the process to adopt a pup called Coconut in early to mid-July 2019. The team at HelpAWS was super responsive and we were “official” within a week! Coconut arrived at the airport in Toronto on August 11th. The process to pick her up was outlined in perfect detail by the HelpAWS team beforehand, making it super smooth on the day of. Coconut, now called Aries, came to us in perfect health and has fit into our family right from the start. Her adjustment period was almost non-existent. We are in love with her and wish for all of the pups in St. Lucia to find forever homes. If you’re thinking of taking the leap, go for it!
Coconut, Now Aries
Adopted By Melissa Squance-Ross
I have adopted 2 dogs from HelpAWS and recommend them to anyone who wants to rescue a pup. Every one of their rescues receives wonderful care and love until they find their forever family, and it shows in the sweet temperament of these pups. HelpAWS also arrange for mega spay neuter clinics on the island that are free and available to anyone who wants their dog or cat spayed. They are dedicated to improving animal welfare in St Lucia.</p> <p>No dog should live life on the street and face hunger and abuse. It is so easy to adopt and love!
Chester and Dexter
Adopted By Lesley Ferrier
We just brought Nala home on Sunday, February 17th. The process was seamless because the team really informs you of what to expect. You’re given all the info you need and if you have any questions they are prompt to answer. She passed her vet check and is in great condition. Nala is loving it here (apart from the cold ?) and we love having her 🙂
Adopted By Kristiina Hayes
When a friend suggested I contact HelpAWS for help in finding another fur baby, I did, and was in touch with Charlene almost immediately. I explained our family situation, human and four legged, and what we were looking for in a pup. Charlene knew just the one! And turns out, Laiko couldn’t be more perfect for us! He is a smart, affectionate, sweet Boy that makes us laugh every day with his goofy antics. We simply cannot imagine life without our Laiko!</p> <p>The adoption process was thorough, yet speedy, and smooth. I recommend adopting from HelpAWS to everyone that asks where our adorable pup came from!
Adopted By Robyn Rourke
You will never find a more amazing team ! These ladies go above and beyond to care for all of the animals and it is evident that they will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and healthy. We adopted our sweet girl Malibu in November and it was the best decision we ever made.
Adopted By Rebecca Lloyd
We adopted Ruby in December. The whole process was very straightforward, and it is evident that all of the people involved in Helpaws truly care about the animals, and making it easy for adopters to go through the process (once they have been properly vetted by the organization). I felt confident that I was working with people who take the welfare and happiness of the animals seriously, and want to make this a positive experience for the adopters. I always felt like I could ask questions along the way, and still could reach out if needed.<br /> Helpaws truly cares about these dogs, and I love the community that they have created for all of the adopters and their dogs long after the pups have touched down in Canada. We are so in love with Ruby and cannot imagine our lives without her. Helpaws is a professional and caring organization and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a dog. The work that they do is amazing and they are truly making a difference in the lives of these sweet pooches!
Roxie, Now Ruby
Adopted By Sam Halloran
I went from never wanting a dog to not being able to imagine our lives without a potcake. HelpAWS made our family complete and answered all my nervous first-time pet owners questions!
Adopted By Amber Wilson
From the second a friend introduced me to Helpaws, it was a done deal! Knox was the first dog I saw on there and the first to catch my eye. He was nowhere near ready to be adopted at that point, but for the next month Megan and Charlene kept us informed with daily progress reports and pictures and we fell so in love so fast. This entire adoption experience has been simply fantastic - they run an incredibly tight ship and make it a smooth and fun journey til the moment you pick up your new family member from the airport! Following the daily Helpaws adventures on Instagram is a highlight of our day, and we can’t put in words how much we adore this little guy. Helpaws is an amazing organization and I can’t say enough about their love and dedication. THANK YOU TEAM!!!
Adopted By Katherine Jane
Helpaws is sooo amazing! My pup, Bindi/Dotty, was so sick when they got her but they nursed her back to health and sent me photos & videos almost everyday! The adoption process was super smooth and they were there to answer any and all questions ☺️ Don’t know what I’d do without my puppy now! Can’t recommend them enough!!!
Bindi, Now Dotty
Adopted By Alex Dudley Lyall
We adopted our boy Arlo from Helpaws and have been absolutely blown away by the level of care these amazing folks give to these deserving pups! The adoption process was thorough and well laid out for us. Everything from the initial interview to the flight details and follow up conversations proves just how committed the Helpaws team are to finding forever homes for these animals. We feel like we have won the “Puppy Lottery” with adopting Arlo. He had a rough start to his life but you would never know it. He is a happy, gentle, playful little guy who is healthy and incredibly smart. He gives the best cuddles and reminds us everyday why life is better with a dog! We can’t wait to stay connected to this wonderful community and to further support Helpaws in the amazing work that they do!
Adopted By Rianne Barette
Our experience with HelpAWS was seemless, they kept us updated and involved in every step of our puppy’s journey on the island. They made the adoption process easy but still asked all the right questions to be sure we were a good fit for our pup. We couldn’t be happier to have Elwood in our lives and cannot thank the HelpAWS team enough for the amazing work they do! ❤️
Adopted By Maddie Beaton
I adopted my puppy Latte (now Moonee) from Helpaws three weeks ago. All of my interactions with the volunteers at Helpaws have been amazing from the very beginning - they were always around to help answer any questions I had quickly and thoroughly. The actual adoption process was very easy to understand and well organized. I am amazed by their choice to match me with Latte, we are perfect for eachother. Although she is very shy, she is super smart, well behaved and loves to cuddle, she is so happy to have a safe space with me. I'm so sure she will grow into an even more loving and amazing dog as she grows more comfortable with her surroundings. I would highly recommend Helpaws for anyone looking to adopt a dog, it was lovely to get to see my puppy's progress and healing before I met her in person. I am grateful that they took such great care of her before she made her way to Canada!
Latte, Now Moonee
Adopted By Miranda Tangerine
We adopted our Sadie girl and LOVED the entire experience with Helpaws! They were with us every step of the way and continue to be! Sadie arrived a healthy, happy girl!! We could tell Sadie came from a loving place as she’s so sweet. She was also really eager to train and potty trained almost immediately. Coming home to her everyday is a joy! Sitting on the couch with her I think of how happy I am that she’s here with us getting nothing but our love. Helpaws is a wonderful place to rescue a dog and I highly recommend anyone to apply for a pup through them!!
Adopted By Marianne Ferroni
We adopted Navy and Nobu just over a month ago. After meeting Kate, Karly, and Krystyn at an adoption event, we knew HelpAWS was the right choice for our family. Our approvals as thorough and fast, and once approved, we were given regular updates on their progress from Charlene and the team in St Lucia. Since they’ve been home, we have been able to stay in contact and ask any questions we have.<br /> HelpAWS is amazing at what they do. If you’re considering adoption, I would highly recommend HelpAWS. ❤️
Navy and Nobu
Adopted By Cheryl Haskett
Helpaws is an amazing organization run by some unbelievable ladies & volunteers! We adopted Nori almost a month ago and are amazed everyday by how amazing of a pup she is. The entire adoption process beginning to end was easy yet thorough; they care so so much about these animals and finding them the right home! Even following the adoption the communication from the helpAWS team is outstanding. We are so incredibly grateful for all of the Helpaws team and all that they do. We would HIGHLY recommend adopting from them and know we will for life!!
Adopted By Stephanie Michelle
We adopted our dog through helpaws and I can't say enough great things about this organization. They are fast but thorough and fair through the application process. Then after we were approved helpaws made the whole process comfortable and smooth. They told us step by step what to expect. It was a very easy and pain free process. Then there are the wonderful things that they do for the dogs in St. Lucia... An amazing group of people. I can't say enough about this organization! You will never feel lost or confused during the process or after as they keep in touch and always respond to messages quickly.<br /> The puppy that we adopted(Miles) is an incredible pup. He's smart, calm, lovable, easy to train, and wants to please. Miles is playful and respectful even of our cats. When infants or toddlers come over(our kids are 20ish)he is sooo good with them. He doesn't even jump up on them or play roughly with them. Miles was easy to house train and came to us crate trained and trained to sit. He is perfect! I HIGHLY recommend helpaws!!
Adopted By Kim zeller
We were thrilled to have Eden join our family in July from HelpAWS. We are so thankful to have learned about the organization and the amazing work they do for pets in St Lucia and subsequently for families who get these amazing family pets in Canada, the US and overseas. The process was great, thorough on their side to ensure pets are going to good homes and also from our side they communicate with you every step of the way so you know what’s happening. We highly recommend HelpAWS and will definitely expand our family with them again in the future.
Adopted By Sandra Heller
We adopted our puppy Molly (Montana) from Helpaws and we couldn't be happier! She's the perfect fit for our family. The adoption process was straightforward and the incredible volunteers were in constant communication with us, and continue to be after the adoption. Being first-time dog owners this was very helpful and made the entire experience so smooth! I would definitely recommend this organization for anyone looking to adopt a pup. They definitely care about these animals and it shows in everything that they do! We're so grateful that we adopted Molly through Helpaws!
Montanna, Now Molly
Adopted By Elizabeth Di Tella
We adopted Stella July, 2018 and I’m happy to say the entire process could not have gone smoother! From the moment we contacted Helpaws to the interview process, the meet & greet with the amazing foster family near us in the GTA and now the after care messages we receive, we could not be happier with our decision. We had concern with bringing a second dog into our home, they helped us pick the best match for our current pup and set us up with a meet & greet, to make sure they were cool with each other! Their whole team was very supportive through making our decision. However, once we all met miss Stella, we knew right away she was the perfect match for our pack! I wish I could tag a picture to this because seriously... they love each other! We’ve not only been inspired by the girls at this organization, we’ve been blown away by their genuine care and concern for these animals. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to supporting Helpaws for a very long time and hope that you will too! Cheers, Nick.
Adopted By Nick and Krysten Errington
I honestly cannot say enough good things about helpaws! I recently adopted the sweetest puppy from them - he has been SO well behaved that both I and my husband are beyond shocked! The girls at helpaws were with us EVERY single step of the way from the airport pickup to sending us super detailed information for our first vet visit and following-up every now and then to see how we were all adapting - this made things even smoother than they already were! It’s easy to see that they truly love what they do and that they genuinely care so much for these puppies! They are the sweetest girls and I couldn’t be happier to have luckily stumbled upon their website and bringing the most charming baby boy into our lives!!
Adopted By Samantha Le
Words cannot describe how thankful I am for HelpAWS! The adoption process was wonderful (and I have to say they have the MOST user-friendly application of several rescues I had been considering adopting from!) and the team is absolutely wonderful. Throughout the process I had the pleasure of speaking with Charlene, Vanessa, Laura and Kate and I would like to say THANK YOU for continuing to follow your passion regardless of how disheartening it can be at times.Thank you guys for giving Luca so much love and for allowing him to come home to Canada. Because of YOU, he is a happy and healthy boy!! We are looking forward to many adventures as he continues to come out of his shell… he is still barking at his own reflection in the windows, tile, stove, etc. LOL He has truly brought an abundance of joy to my life! Luca sends all of his love! <3
Adopted By Megan Copp
Our family adopted Jude (Oakley) two weeks ago. Working with Charlene and her team was amazing! It was clear that they love their work and their dogs. Charlene was very thorough in ensuring that Jude was right for our family and our home. Jude was clearly well cared for while with Helpaws and is a gentle and fun loving pup. From the application process to Jude's arrival, Helpaws was very supportive and extremely helpful. Jude is adjusting well to his new home (and Canadian climate!) and has been nothing but a joy since he arrived. Before we adopted Jude, Helpaws had posted that he ``didn't have a bad bone in his body`` - there couldn't be words more true. Thank you Charlene and the Helpaws team!
Oakley, Now Jude
Adopted By Mike Sangster
We just adopted sweet Louis and the entire process was very efficient, well organized and professional. You’d never guess that Louis had such a rough start in life. The Saint Lucia team is absolutely amazing...because of their dedication and hard work, we’ve now welcomed a loving, healthy, highly trainable rescue puppy into our family. Thank you HelpAWS! ❤️
Adopted By Barb Stephens
HelpAWS organization is amazing ! The staff truly care so much about all the of the animals in their care <3 You can tell that they truly love each and every animal and want to ensure that they are provided the best life and care possible. The dedicated volunteers do everything in their power to ensure that they find Furever homes for the animals they rescue....and I just love all the pictures and videos they post to keep you updated on the puppers and their success stories 🙂 but also some of the heartbreaks 🙁 I highly recommend this organization and that you do whatever you can to support them because they are making such a difference. Donate $$ whatever you are able and I just learned about their amazon Wish you can donate that way too!! Consider being a flight parent....just send them a message and they respond real quick...see how you can help out or how to adopt one of their rescues from Saint Lucia
Nancy Hall Quarin
We adopted Lauren, now Stella, from Helpaws. The adoption process was great. Once we filled out the application we were called the next day for the phone interview. Karly and Kate were so helpful and took the time to ensure I would be a great match! I felt welcomed into the helpaws family immediate, Charlene the founder also takes time out of her busy schedule to see how everything is going. Stella is the sweetest and most well behaved puppy, you can certainly tell helpaws and the staff take really great care of all the puppies and dogs they bring in and give them tons of love before they find their forever homes. What an amazing organization!
Adopted By Jennifer
We adopted our puppy from Helpaws in October 2017 and have been in love since day one! But what makes Helpaws different than other rescues is the QUALITY of their animals. They keep all their animals in foster care, love and socialize them daily, and even begin basic training. The product is a well mannered & socialized dog that easily transitions into their new homes! Not to mention that they run FREE spay/neuter clinics yearly for low-income families, to try and end the unfortunate animal overpopulation issue. If you’re considering adopting with them, you will not be disappointed!
Adopted By Vanessa McKenzie
We adopted our Sydney from Helpaws almost a year ago (2017) and she has been an absolute joy to have in our lives. Smart, loyal and loving from the moment we held her in our arms. So, when Helpaws asked for someone to foster one of their pups, Sophie, we jumped at the opportunity to give back. We learned that Helpaws staff literally crawled into a gutter to rescue her. She was all alone, covered in fleas, ticks, scratches, cuts, mange and absolutely terrified. She would not have lasted much longer. But they never gave up on her, they got her out and nursed her back to health. The next step was finding her a forever home. From the moment she stepped out of the crate at the airport, she was the sweetest, gentlest, most loving puppy I had ever seen. We weren't planning it but with every minute that passed, we knew that she would be the perfect addition to our family. Unfortunately, our first foster was an epic failure because we ended up adopting Sophie ourselves and I couldn't be happier! I can't thank Helpaws enough for all they do and the incredible lengths they go through to help these creatures not only through good health, but with love and nurturing. I would highly recommend to anyone even thinking of adopting a dog, to consider Helpaws. The love and joy they have brought to our lives as well as our family is priceless and I can't even begin to thank them enough.
Sydney and Sophie
Adopted By Ray and Shoshanna Brazeau