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  •  It was early on a Sunday morning when we heard someone shouting for Tony at our front gate. When we both went out to investigate, this chap, opened the boot of his car and took out this lovely young dog. He shoved it into our arms and said the owners no longer wanted him anymore because he didn’t bark. It was so cruel and we were so disheartened. We immediately took him in and gave him so many snuggles, we couldn't believe how he was just being given up so easily without a second thought. We were not immediately sure what was the matter with him, but took him inside our garden as we knew he was probably not being looked after. We came to the conclusion that he was probably terrified of the situation he was in and probably malnourished as well, since he was very skinny. After a closer look at him and making sure he was in good health we noticed that he wasn't able to follow our hand actions or movements. Upon further investigation it became apparent that the little guy was almost blind. We gave him some food and he instantly gobbled up every bit of it. He was so hungry. He is a lovely sweet natured boy, about 7 months old. He's made a cute little best friend and the 2 have become inseparable. She has become his new outlook on life. They always play together and love jumping and dancing around. Safe to say this minor disability has not stopped this guy from being his true self. Coming from a very bad environment to finding himself again. This little guy deserves a family who will love and cherish him for who he is. He would do great in a home with or without another pup and is estimated to be between 40-50lbs.
      • Neutered
      • Vaccinated
      • Dewormed
      • Treated for fleas and ticks
      • Estimated Adult Weight: 40-50lbs
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