Become a Foster Parent, or Help Spread the Word!

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Become a foster parent

See our foster application form below

Being a foster parent requires a lot of love, patience and time. You will be providing an animal in need with temporary care. Some animals need as little as two weeks of care, while others may need care for months. Being a foster parent with HelpAWS, we require you to be available for at least a month and in some cases, longer.

We need foster homes for:
  • Dogs (both in St. Lucia and in Canada)
  • Momma cats/dogs with litters (Mostly in St. Lucia)
  • Orphaned kitten and puppies (Mostly for people in St. Lucia)

Fostering can be flexible for most lifestyles and through fostering; you are helping to prepare an animal in need for adoption into a forever home.

Wether you are located in St. Lucia or Canada, if you are interested in fostering with HelpAWS, please fill in the application below:

Help spread the word

If you are unable to foster or be a flight parent then you also greatly help us be spreading the word about our organization and the work we do!

You can help us by following and sharing our Facebook Page, Instagram Page, and Youtube Channel! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures using @helpaws or #helpaws

You can also download and print out the flyer below and spread the work around your community!