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PHOEBE | FEMALE | Date of Birth November 26th, 2022

** Currently Living in Toronto**

Meet Phoebe.
Phoebe was brought to us by her owner who was a drunk. He physically abused her and her sisters and tried to put a price on her life. Thankfully we were able to get her to safety. After a few weeks of being in our care we thought Phoebe had finally found her forever home until her adoptive family reached out wanting to get rid of her. Through no fault of her own and yet a second time her life was being threatened. Poor Phoebe was severely under socialized.

We were able to send Phoebe to a board and train to help get her the proper socializing and training she needs to help her live a happy fulfilling life. Since then she has been thriving and continuing to make great strides daily. She is eager to please once she knows she safe. Phoebe is a quick learner and would respond well to a confident experienced adopter.

Phoebe needs someone who will stand by her side and advocate for her, since she has been let down time and time again, having someone who she will be able to trust and who trusts her in return will definitely help this girl let her guard down. She would need someone who is experienced and preferably has no kids in the home. Phoebe is making daily progress on being able to be around other dogs, but introductions would have to be slow and supervised at first until all parties are comfortable with each other.

She needs someone who is patient and willing to work with her. Phoebe also responds great to positive reinforcement as well. We just know with the right home this girl will thrive and live the best possible life that she has been deprived of for so long.

Phoebe has been:
Treated for fleas and ticks
Adult Weight: 50 lbs

You can find more videos and pictures of Phoebe on our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok pages! Follow us @helpaws or