Mary Jane

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MARY JANE | FEMALE | Approx. date of birth Feb 10th, 2024

**Currently living in Toronto, ON.**

Say hello to marvelous Mary Jane!

This gal has the most friendly nature which makes her a favorite among shelter staff. She's also fiercely independent, bravely exploring her surroundings with curiosity.

Mary Jane has a young, sweet soul with an independent streak. Her friendliness is contagious, warming the hearts of everyone she meets.
always ready for a game of fetch

She also can be a silly girl and likes to stick her tongue out when she sees her favorite person. Mary Jane is a unique blend of sweetness, humor, and courage. She's our our fave gal and maybe she could be yours!

Mary Jane has been:
• Spayed
• Vaccinated
• Dewormed
• Treated for fleas and ticks
• Estimated Adult Weight: 35-45lbs

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