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JANIS | FEMALE | Approx. date of birth Nov 26th, 2023

**Currently living in Toronto, ON.**

Say hello to Joyful Janis from the Pierrot Litter! This cuddly pooch truly is a bundle of joy.

Janis is a unique looking floof — she’s all white with brindle spots speckled all over her fur. Janis has a friendly and sweet disposition. She’s gentle and caring, always eager to show affection (you can tell by the way she excitedly wags her tail!). She is a delightful puppy with a heart as warm as her personality.

Ever the explorer, this independent pup is always eager to discover new things. Janis is smart and quick to learn; training her will be an absolute breeze.

Janis is affectionate and chill. She has a mellow attitude, so she’ll be good with first-time dog parents and kids of all ages.

This delightful puppy has a heart as warm as her personality. She’s looking for her forever family — is that you?

Janis has been:
• Spayed
• Vaccinated
• Dewormed
• Treated for fleas and ticks
• Estimated Adult Weight: 35-45lbs

You can find more videos and pictures of Janis on our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok pages! Follow us @helpaws or www.facebook.com/helpaws