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  • Tiffany was found at the dump by the airport with three puppies in April. While we were able to send her three little ones (Brando, Evie and Tilly) to the US to their forever homes, the shelter was not yet open and we did not have space for this sweet girl. Three months later, we finally were able to take Tiffany out of the tiny cage she was living in to offer her a chance at a better life in Canada. After living in the cage for months, Tiffany has developed an eye infection that may result in the loss of her eye, so she needs a family who will help get her the treatment required to stabilize or remove the eye. Despite the obvious discomfort she must be in, Tiffany is in great spirits and is just the sweetest, most lovable little gal. Relatively small in size but at least a year old, Tiffany is full of immediate tail wags as soon as she sees her humans. She is still a bit confused at the concept of a toy, but once she learns the ropes we are confident she will have a great time fetching, tugging and squeaking. What matters most to this calm and docile little girl is all of the love and affection from her human and fur friends. We think she would be happy to have another pup in the home since she lived for so long with her cage-mate, Jozy, but would also thrive on her own with the right parents. One thing to note is that Tiffany is still getting adjusted to new sights and sounds, so she will need to be in a calmer household so sudden movements and big energy do not frighten her until she gets adjusted.
      • Spayed
      • Vaccinated
      • Dewormed
      • Treated for fleas and ticks
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