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  • Doover and his brother Dilly came to us from someone who had taken them off the street. She recognized that they could have a better life in Canada or the US and brought them to our shelter.
  • Doover was very very scared when he first came to the shelter. Who can blame him though with so many loud noises and new unfamiliar smells. But when Dilly and Doover first came, Doover would barely let us near him. He stuck himself in a corner and would growl when we got close. After a couple of days, and lots of chicken and hand feeding, he has warmed up to us and now loves when we come by! So much for that he will not stop barking until we come greet him in his pen. We believe that Doover will be pretty timid with strangers and weary of new people and surroundings so he will need a family that has the time and patience to show him the ropes!
  • Doover is a pup who requires lots of love and attention and with that he will definitely become more comfortable and you will receive all the puppy love that he has to offer. Doover and Dilly share a strong brotherly bond so we do think that having another dog in the household will help Doover come out of his shell! He doesn’t like large gatherings of dogs so he may not enjoy dog parks, and that’s ok! With a bit of patience and time this sweet boy will be a great exercise companion or couch cuddler. Don’t you want to add this lovely guy to your home?
      • Neutered
      • Vaccinated
      • Dewormed
      • Treated for fleas and ticks
      • Estimated Adult Weight: 40-50lbs
      You can find more videos and pictures of Doover on our Instagram and Facebook pages! Follow us @helpaws or