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  • TZeke started from the gutter, and now he’s here. Literally. He is here in Canada, and ready to make the move into his forever home! Hit by a car in Saint Lucia and left for dead, one-year old Zeke was removed from the side of a road and brought into our care. The first set of X-rays did not look good. He had breaks in three of his legs and his pelvis. Our vet indicated that at least one of his legs would likely need to be amputated, so we prepared for the worst. But upon traveling to Canada via a 24-hour trip by car and plane, Zeke’s reevaluation showed that the breaks had miraculously formed a callus and would likely be manageable without losing any limbs. The plan currently being followed by Zeke’s foster fam involves daily anti-anxiety and pain meds as well as a number of physio exercises to build up the strength in his legs and hips. He will need a family who is dedicated to continuing his physical therapy (perhaps forever) so that he can live as mobile and pain-free as possible. For the entirety of the time Zeke was in our care, he was terrified. He refused to make eye contact with us and would not eat his food if we were around. He even attempted to bite us in a couple of very stressful and painful situations. We are overjoyed to announce that his foster family says that he is now accepting of human touch, both for pets and for his physical therapy. He is getting more trusting in regards to his food, and is extremely food motivated which has made it easier to convince him to do things he otherwise isn’t too interested in. He allows them to dress him in a sweater to go outside in the snow and is opening up to the idea of walks. He even started cuddling with his foster parents on the couch! Zeke is starting to get more adventurous with playtime and occasionally tosses around his tug toy. He is exploring the house more and has been sitting by his foster dad’s desk during the workday. Zeke is scared of the camera and does tend to cower and hide if the phone is around. He is high anxiety and easily spooked, so he requires a family who is patient with him as he continues to make progress in coming out of his shell and showing his true personality. We are confident this guy just needs some space to learn to trust, but will be a loyal lapdog in no time. To apply for Zeke, please complete the Adoption Application by clicking here!
      • Neutered
      • Vaccinated
      • Dewormed
      • Treated for fleas and ticks
      You can find more videos and pictures of Zeke on our Instagram and Facebook pages! Follow us @helpaws or www.facebook.com/helpaws