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  • These guys were brought from the South East of the island. The journey to get to the shelter wasn't an easy one as the drive is a little over an hour long. When they got to us their bellies were very big, they were filled with worms. We immediately got to work giving them meds and getting some food into them. Riri was nicknamed ‘one patch’ by the staff when they came in because of her unique features. She is the sweetest little girl but is still a bit shy. She has the biggest ears which are so adorable; especially when she's happy you will see them going up and down and up and down. It will be hard not to laugh when she does it. Riri is also very food motivated like the rest of her siblings so training would be a breeze. She likes spending time in her doghouse away from her siblings when she wants some alone time. She also likes to camouflage herself in the grass in their play area and we sometimes go mad looking for her but then we spot her little head watching us through the bushes. Riri will for sure be a constant source of entertainment and laughter for any family lucky enough to have her. She would do great with another pup to help build her self esteem and be the best girl she can be. She’s estimated to be between 30-45lbs.
      • Spayed
      • Vaccinated
      • Dewormed
      • Treated for fleas and ticks
      • Estimated Adult Weight: 30-45lbs
  • You can find more videos and pictures of Riri on our Instagram and Facebook pages! Follow us @helpaws or www.facebook.com/helpaws