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  • Being brought to HelpAWS after their mother was purposefully poisoned, Pickles and her sister Jojo were essentially hand-raised by humans. Tiny enough to fit in the palms of our hands upon arrival, we nursed them into strong, independent pups. From the very beginning, Jojo and Pickles have been an absolute joy to be around and to watch grow. Too tiny to be mixed with the older, larger puppies, they spent their first few weeks in an extra-large crate with daily playtime in the grass outside. They quickly became familiar with lots of animal and human friends on the farm, including a bunch of wild baby chicks who were born and are being raised right outside the barn. The baby chicks – basically the same size as the pups! – would venture into their crate and eat Jojo & Pickles’ leftovers and Jojo would watch in playful amusement, treating the birds as friends and not foe.
  • Of the sister duo, Pickles is the more outgoing and adventurous of the two. She was the first to explore the barn far and wide and had no reservations when let out in the yard for play time, exploring the car, venturing off into the bushes and playfully pawing at the air. As for her baby chick friends, she presumably thought they were other puppies to play with and would try to wrestle and nibble them when they entered into her crate. Now in the big pen with her sister and roommate, Brando, Pickles spends her days wrestling with her sister, using Brando as a jungle gym and playing hide and seek under the doghouse. Pickles is hilariously sassy and so much fun to interact with and observe. She is more of a tomboy and although her bond with her sister is so endearing, we think Pickles would be just fine on her own as an independent pup (though we are sure she wouldn’t mind another fur friend to play with). Overall, Pickles’ early socialization with humans and other animals alike makes her the perfect pup for first time owners.
      • Neutered
      • Vaccinated
      • Dewormed
      • Treated for fleas and ticks
  • You can find more videos and pictures of Pickles on our Instagram and Facebook pages! Follow us @helpaws or www.facebook.com/helpaws