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LEIA | FEMALE | Hi I’m Leia and I just turned 1! My family also calls me Princess Leia. I have definitely lived up to that name! I love having lots of attention, tummy rubs and someone to play with. I love playing outside, chasing a ball or dog frisbee, and splashing or lounging around in my doggie pool. Indoors I’m a huge fan of my rope and bone! Tim Bits are just about the best thing ever. And they give them free to beautiful dogs like me! Sometimes I need time to open up - so people, especially strangers, have to give me space and allow me to do things at my own time. It’s not my fault, I was just born unique. I would do best in a family without kids and a house that is fairly calm and quiet (I like to sleep all night in my crate so partying is not my thing!). Ideally, I would love if someone could be home with me during the day and is willing to help me continue learning and provide ongoing training for me. I am such a sweet girl. I try really hard but just get anxious sometimes! I require lots of patience and I know there is a patient, loving family out there that would make an ideal forever home for me.
  • Vaccinated
  • Treated for fleas/ticks
  • Dewormed
We cannot guarantee breed or size but Potcakes grow to be anywhere from 25-50lbs. You can find more videos and pictures of Leia on our Instagram and Facebook pages! Follow us: @helpaws or www.facebook.com/helpaws