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LACEY| FEMALE| Approx. date of birth 05/13/2022
    • *Currently residing in St.Lucia*
  • It was just another day at the shelter when Lacey and her siblings were dropped off at the shelter like mere trash in a box. They were covered in fleas and ticks, scared and cowering into the corners of the box trying to hide. There was no notice from the individual who dropped them off, no details about where they came from, their age nor the whereabouts of their mother. We had no choice but to take them in with no notice and give them all the love and attention they needed. They were malnourished and clearly starving, given by how quickly they ate the food placed down for them. Lacey is the most reserved of her siblings and often spends her time away from the chaos her brothers often partake in. However one time she's most definitely not reserved- when it comes to food. When she realizes it's dinner time, her barks can be heard all around the shelter- demanding you hurry up and feed her! This girl loves her food and is very food motivated which will make her very easy to train. Being the only girl of her litter, she often has to express herself a little louder so that her brothers don't outshine her. When she's in the mood she's a very playful and loving pup. Receiving toys is her favourite part of the day. When she's not playing and having fun with her siblings she could be found having her nap on her blanket in the corner of her pen where her brothers eventually join her. If you're looking for a chill, relaxed, loving and loyal pup- then Lacey is the girl for you.
      • Spayed
      • Vaccinated
      • Dewormed
      • Treated for fleas and ticks
      • Estimated Adult Weight: 25-35lb
  • You can find more videos and pictures of Lacey on our Instagram and Facebook pages! Follow us @helpaws or