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  • Found in the south of the island, battered and bruised is an understatement for the condition he was found in. His back was covered with an open flesh wound from having boiling hot oil poured on him. He was in so much pain and extremely terrified of people. Undoubtedly, our heart broke for him, and with the help of neighbours we were able to bring him to the shelter where we treated his wound and his heart. Fenix has grown to be an amazing kitty, heart filled with adventure and always wanting to be around his new friend Mia. He enjoys roaming around, cuddling up with our volunteers and will disappear for hours visiting the horses, puppies or just taking a stroll to let some air run through his fur. He definitely knows where home is. We were nervous to let him roam at first, but he always finds his way back to the shelter to all of his furry companions. Fenix will do best in a home where he can be his adventurous self and receive all of the love that he lacked while being out in the streets. He has come such a long way in such a short time. His back has healed nicely, although he will have his burn scar for life.
      • Neutered
      • Vaccinated
      • Dewormed
      • Treated for fleas and ticks
      • Current Weight: 12lbs
  • You can find more videos and pictures of Fenix on our Instagram and Facebook pages! Follow us @helpaws or www.facebook.com/helpaws