The Purpose

The purpose serves to help prevent the overpopulation of dogs and cats. By preventing feline and canine reproduction, we reduce the number of unwanted animals being born in an already overpopulated country where many animals face untimely horrific deaths. Through neutering, felines will live a healthier life, as they will have a lower risk of getting uterine and other cancers of the reproductive systems as well as have a lower risk of developing pyrometra (a fatal uterine infection). Territorial and other sexual aggression will be decreased and animals will not have to face uncertain futures that likely include death through illness, starvation and abuse. In the next 5 years our goals are to neuter both canines and felines and find them loving, responsible homes, free from neglect and abuse. Through neutering, feeding, treating for fleas and vaccinating felines/canines on the island we will reduce the number of cats/dogs who 1) Catch and eat other native wildlife, 2) reduce harm to felines/canines, as they may have a difficult time fending for themselves without a primary caretaker 3) Reduce the number of reproduced animals who follow the same fate as their mothers where finding food and shelter is an issue 4) reduce the risk of facing horrible deaths by starvation, disease, abuse and other neglectful factors. This service benefits the people because through education they can understand how to properly care for animals, b) children can learn responsibility c) they will do not have to worry about the excessive number of felines being “bothersome” d) the risk of citizens catching any disease from cats is extremely reduced, c) The community doesn’t have to bare the burden of what is going to happen to the felines/canines in their community.